Our story is simple

We love food, we love to eat and we hope you do too.
Our love of food led us to a very simple question.
Why do our forks, knives and spoons have to come into direct contact with tables and surfaces?
Truth is they no longer have to with the handcrafted iFork line of flatware.
Our intelligent modern design helps to keep your tables & counters clean from any food that may be on your flatware,
while also keeping surface germs away.
It’s time to enjoy a new way of eating...
Perfect for;
*Homes *Restaurants *Gifts.

And yes there’s more!

We wanted to go a step further and create an interlocking system between our utensils, cups and plates that would solve what we call an “every-event” problem.

The iCup and iPlate

Designed to carry your cup, plate and utensils with just one hand.
We all have been to an event where we fumble to hold our drink, food and utensils – either while trying to eat standing up or simply trying to shakes someone hand during introduction. The iFork and iKnife locks in place on the side of the iPlate and with a gentle squeeze the iCup conveniently slides in and locks into place under the iPlate. This secures your drink underneath the iPlate, providing a free hand to do whatever it is you choose. By sliding your drink under your iPlate it also protects anything unwanted from getting into your drink. Offering freedom of your hand and solid drink protection.

Top 6 reasons you're going to LOVE the iCup iPlate & iFork interlocking system

  1. You can now carry your food, drink and utensils with just one hand.
  2. Never again worry about where you put your drink, because it's attached to the bottom of your iPlate.
  3. A bug flew in your drink? No worries here because your iPlate acts as a cover over your iCup, protecting your drink.
  4. Forgot your fork? No worries there either because your iFork slides in and locks right into your iPlate. Bonus - if you lay your iUtensils on a flat surface the eating part will rise above the surface!
  5. Need to carry 2 drinks, 2 plates of food And utensils with just 2 hands? No Problem, with this interlocking system that's as easy as 1 ..... 2.
  6. No free table to eat at? Not a problem at all, just hold your iPlate, slide out your iFork and eat where you are with ease and tie drink stays securely in place. Table no longer necessary!

We encourage you to try our innovative dining designs and change the way you dine forever.