Our Process

One of the reasons why our iFork line is truly exceptional is the handmade process.

Unlike most flatware that is simply machine-cut from a sheet of steel, polished and packaged, the iFork line goes through multiple stages of handcrafted work to insure a level of craftsmanship that lives up to and above the standards of our patent.

The iFork line took years to create and perfect. Its development goes beyond what the eye can initially see.

Each piece (after standard manufacturing) is then forged by hand to add the patented iFork flatware "lift" that delivers the balance of the line

so you may have the perfect eating experience.

It’s this process that enables each piece of flatware to self-right when placed down to ensure your flatware will

rise above the surface at all times.

Our inventor, Kyle Donovan, spent countless years creating this intricate flatware line. His sole focus was to build a process and design that keeps the part that goes into your mouth from coming into direct contact with surfaces, helping to keep both your flatware and your tables nice and clean.

It’s unclear who established the practice of allowing flatware to directly come in contact with tables and surfaces, but, now, for the first time, you have an innovative choice that is intelligently designed to rise above the surface.