iFork Line Handcrafted 30 Piece Set - Nesting Design

This is our Hand-Crafted Nesting design in the intelligently designed iFork line of flatware.

Made in high quality stainless steel the design is stunningly beautiful and sure to pair perfectly with any setting.

The smooth curves and lines will feel amazingly comfortable in your hands as each utensil rises above the surface whether in your hand or on your table.

Our line is designed to keep the part of the flatware that goes into your mouth from coming into contact with surfaces.  Helping to keep surfaces clean and any surface germs from getting onto your utensils and into your mouth.

The design is elegant and perfect for restaurants, home dining settings and creating a beautiful dining experience.

30 Piece set includes;

6 Dinner iForks
6 Salad iForks
6 iKnives
6 Table iSpoons
6 Tea iSpoons

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